Floor Plan Considerations

When you begin your search for a lot to build a home on in Pagosa Springs keep in mind the size of the lot may matter. It’s a tricky thing finding that perfect lot. Size, View, Price, but there are some more things as well. Most split floor plans are wider than homes that have all the bedrooms on one side. You’ll find more often than not in more narrow lots the homes are not split floor plans. A helpful thing when lot shopping is to start with finding a great floor plan first. That way if you have an idea that the home you want to build is roughly 65 feet wide, that you will need to find a lot that will accommodate that home. Ask your Realtor questions. A good question to ask would be “What are the Setbacks on this lot”. Setbacks and Easements are established on lots for keeping homes from getting stacked up on to each other, and having easements to run the utilities to your home as well as others. Depending on the development or area the setbacks can vary. There are Front, Rear, and Side Setbacks. These can range from as little as 7 feet to as great as 50 feet or more. It is something that you truly want to establish prior to purchasing a lot.