Tips to Make your Move Easier

February 21, 2017 / Posted in: Builders, Dealers, DIY, Framers

No one likes moving—it’s a disruptive process that takes a huge investment of time and energy. While it’s never going to be fun, there are ways you can make your move easier for you and your family. Here are some tips and tricks from moving pros to make your relocation as seamless as possible.
Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
In the months leading up to your move, start collecting packaging. Not only the boxes you will need for packing, but also items you would usually toss in the recycling bin. Plastic yogurt containers are perfect for those loose items in your junk drawer while Pringle’s cylinders are the perfect place to store pens and pencils.
Snack Attack
Don’t have packing peanuts? Just use an air popper to make some popcorn and use that instead. It’s a cheap, biodegradable option that will help your valuables get there in one piece.
Buy a pack of foam party plates to slip between your plates and side plates to prevent breakages. Use wine boxes to pack your expensive glasses.
Clear the Way
Disconnect any door closers to ensure that your doors stay open—it’s difficult to open or close doors if you’re carrying boxes.
If you are moving in the winter, ensure that all paths and stairs are completely clear of ice and snow to prevent injuries.
Pet Care
Pets are usually quite unsettled by moving and they can get underfoot or run off when doors are left open. It’s best to find a sitter for your pet on moving day.
Plan Ahead
Book your movers or moving van several weeks in advance. If you opt for movers, ask for their insurance policy so you know you are in good hands.
Plan your route beforehand so that you aren’t met with low bridges or narrow roads that may be a problem on moving day.
Be Prepared
Pack your cleaning products and equipment last so you can clean your old house and you know where they are in case you have to clean your new one too.
Pack an overnight bag with your essentials so that you aren’t searching for your toothbrush when you need to go to bed.
If you have to take furniture apart, place the hardware in a sealable plastic bag and tape it to the furniture pieces so you know exactly where everything is.
Contact your municipality before you move to find out where to dispose of hazardous materials. Moving companies are not allowed to move hazardous materials.
Lay down felt pads, blankets or yoga mats to protect areas of your flooring that could get scratched or damaged.