Things to identify when Purchasing a lot in Pagosa Springs 5 of 5

Now that we have covered a large part of what we do as Home Builders in Pagosa Springs when purchasing land comes the final part. We have walked through finding the location of the property, Doing our homework as best we can towards slopes of the properties, Rock outcroppings that can be of concern, Identified setbacks, located utilities then comes the last bit. The final step is having your surveyor tie the homesite into the lot. This is called a PILC. a PILC is a proposed improvement location certificate. The reason for this is to certify and show on a survey exactly where the home will sit on the lot, showing the setbacks of the lot in relationship to the home and any improvements on it. It is also a piece needed to incorporate when applying for a permit to construct a home in Pagosa Springs. We rely heavily on these for one more thing. It is the cornerstone of accuracy when we have our excavation of our foundation done. It marks perfect accuracy of our foundation to insure everything starts off exactly the way it was drawn. The key to a great home starts with a great foundation.

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