Things to identify when Purchasing a lot in Pagosa Springs 3 of 5

The third thing we look at is surface rocks. Now these are not a direct indicator there is trouble to come, but it is something that you need to take into consideration. There are many areas here in Pagosa Springs that have severe rock issues sub surface. I just watched a contractor last week run a Hammer Hoe on his lot for 2 weeks before he could even start on the foundation. This is a taxing and very expensive venture that if not properly accounted for can tear into a budget quickly. Many experienced Realtors here in town have a very good idea of which areas you may run into these problems. It is also a very sound approach to have a local excavation company look at the lot to help you determine possible outcomes during the excavation period. Many times when we find something a little questionable we have our excavator meet us onsite for his personal opinion prior to moving forward. A little hint that we watch for is Does the neighbors have a really neat rock wall landscaping around their property that looks like native rock and not imported rock. If so.. BEWARE. More times than not when somebody builds a home and they get into a lot of rock they just had a big budget hit and don’t want to spend even more money hauling the rock off so they decide to make some lemonade out of lemons and do some landscaping. This helps us see the misfortunes of their rocky experience and gives us an idea that the property next door that we are looking at might have the same issues.