Helping Small Businesses

Our company has always taken pride in our materials. We are always focusing on how to build with local businesses. I wanted to write a blog about this today to talk a little about that.

We have been purchasing a variety of timber products from local family owned businesses. Now these are not structural products due to those having to be “Graded” material, but as for the tongue and groove ceilings and the decorative beams in our homes as well as artistic niches all come from local family businesses. We have found that by supporting small local business we can get better products at competitive pricing.

We are firm believers in small businesses like ours working with other small businesses. In the spirit of America it is our right, and privilege to help each other grow and thrive. This country was built on the backs of
entrepreneurialism, with hopes that one day all small business may grow to great successes. 

Our clients are helping us everyday as small business grow and succeed, and we are proud to pay that forward other small businesses to do the same. I know it is easy to walk into the big box store and purchase the item you found online, but with a little leg work it can be of great benefit to find that little company out there that just may deliver you a much better product, and sometimes may even be more cost effective.