Do we Build custom homes?

Although our primary business is building homes for buyer's looking for a finished product, we do have systems in place to build for people that may already own land, or are looking for a different product that we are not currently building on.

Great, Where do I start if I want to build my own?

In order to start the process we would need a set of your house plans if available, and we would also need to look at your Property. (If you haven't purchased property yet, you should have something identified at this point). From there we have a sit down consultation to discuss what your vision is for the home. At that point we start bidding the different trades. We will put allowances into the bid for different items, so the more research of what you want, for example, Lighting, Appliances, Flooring, Plumbing the better we can give you a more accurate build cost.

Recommendations on Research if I want you to build my home?

Pinterest, Design Magazines, Online websites. Spend time on what you really want in the home.

What about construction loans?

There are many reputable lenders that offer construction loans. We recommend you first get qualified for a construction loan and understand the costs involved prior to contacting any builder. If you already own land many times lenders will allow that value to be added to your loan to value!