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By Liz Alterman | Sep 24, 2019


Fall is the perfect time to get your house in order. Whether you have leaves to rake or gutters to clean, or want to get your indoors comfy and organized for those long winter months, your autumn to-do list is calling—and the right tools and items can make your job a whole lot easier.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few items that can help jump-start your fall maintenance chores—along with some selected online reviews—so you’re sitting pretty by the time winter is knocking on your door. (It’ll be here before you know it!)

1. Deck/driveway cleaner

Portable and easy to store, this gadget comes with 25 feet of high-pressure hose.
Portable and easy to store, this gadget comes with 25 feet of high-pressure hose.homedepot.com

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Whether you’re ready to clean your driveway, deck, windows, and patio, this electric pressure washer (homedepot.com, $199) delivers a burly 2,000 psi (pounds per square inch) and comes with three nozzles as well as a bonus turbo nozzle, which delivers up to 50% more cleaning power.

Reviewer hpiguy writes, “I love the tall handle and the large wheels on the steel frame. It makes the washer very stable in the yard when washing siding, or for when it has to sit on a deck for stripping old paint/stain. It’s also easy to move around.”

2. An insulated garage door

Raised panels give the doors a classic look.
Raised panels give the doors a classic look.homedepot.com

Boost your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency in one shot with this insulated garage door (homedepot.com, $348). It’s available in white, giving your garage a fresh look, but you can also paint it to match or complement your color scheme.

With its two-layer steel construction, the door provides peace of mind that your home is more secure. Its quiet operation will be appreciated by anyone with a bedroom above the garage.

Reviewer Mikey writes, “Excellent door for the money! I was about 4 hours from start to finish installing my door. Instructions are very thorough and easy to follow. I’m very pleased with the ease of operation and most of all … it looks great on my 12’ x 20’ garage.”

3. Leaf blower/gutter cleaner

The built-in cord lock helps keep the cord attached to the blower/vacuum while in use.
The built-in cord lock helps keep the cord attached to the blower/vacuum while in use.homedepot.com

This 12-amp, multitasking maven serves as a leaf blower/vacuum/gutter cleaner (homedepot.com, $102) all in one.

The blower boasts a powerful 260 mph airstream so you can piles those leaves in no time and give your rake the weekend off. Keep your gutters in good shape with the cleaning kit, which includes additional extension tubes, allowing you to tackle hard-to-reach places.

On average, nationally, gutter cleaning costs between $75 and $125 depending on the size of your home and the number of trees shading it, so this gadget may pay for itself in just one cleaning.

One Home Depot customer writes, “Just what I needed to stay off high ladders.”

4. Air purifier

Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to monitor and adjust this tower regardless of your location.
Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to monitor and adjust this tower regardless of your location.overstock.com

Since you’ll be indoors a lot more, it’s high time for this Germ Guardian air purifier (overstock.com, $173), which you can adjust from your location through your smartphone.

Geared for a midsize room, this five-speed tower features an eight-hour timer and measures 22 inches in height. Thanks to its HEPA filter, you can say good-bye to asthma-triggering particles.

An Overstock customer writes, “We love this. It very accurately tells you when the air quality has changed (for instance, it senses when perfume is sprayed, or when a gust of air has blown air inside the house). Best of all—we love the ability to control it on the phone. We have ours on top of a shelf (so that our small children can’t play with it) and instead of having to take it down each time to turn it on/off, we use the remote feature on the phone.”

5. Shelving unit

All hardware is included for assembly and stacking.
All hardware is included for assembly and stacking.wayfair.com

Want to go into autumn and winter with sweaters and jeans in perfect order? This modular storage stackable shelf unit (wayfair.com, $98) can help streamline your overcrowded closet.

These easy-to-stack units allow you to create your own curated design. With a full back panel and decorative trim and molding, they’ll give your regular closet a boutique aesthetic.

Joyce from Daytona Beach Shores, FL, left this positive review: “Perfect fit for any closet. Shelf unit was deeper than expected, holds lots of purses, feels sturdy not cheap.”

6. Smart thermostat

This gadget learns your favorite settings and automatically adjusts itself.
This gadget learns your favorite settings and automatically adjusts itself.homedepot.com

Make your home more energy-efficient as you save on heat and air conditioning from the first day you install this unobtrusive Nest Thermostat (homedepot.com, $169).

Reviewer jlkine92 writes, “I love the minimalist look and the fact that the screen is blank until you walk up to it or past it. The thermostat blends in very well with my gray walls. The app is great! You can program a schedule, view your energy usage, utilize eco settings and so much more.”

7. Water-saving shower head

This shower head saves water.
This shower head saves water.amazon.com

To curb your water heating bill, consider this low-flow shower head (amazon.com, $40), which uses patented technology to create a spray that has the feel of a much higher-flowing shower head while reducing water usage by 40%.

Reviewer C. Smith raves, “Excellent shower head. I was very worried about the water pressure on these things, considering I was going from some super powerful shower head to this little low water one. I gotta say: it DEFINITELY surprised me.”

8. Carpet and furniture cleaner

Strong suction removes dirt and stains.
Strong suction removes dirt and stains.homedepot.com

To tackle dirt and dust indoors, this upright carpet cleaner (homedepot.com, $168) packs the high-performance power of a professional cleaning product. Its large-capacity water tank holds 1.25 gallons so you don’t waste time emptying and refilling it midjob. Designed with pet owners in mind, this tool will save you from tossing that carpet after an accident.

Reviewer Erin writes, “We have some kitties and after one of them got sick we thought our light beige carpet was history. We were blown away after using the Pet Plus. We gave it lots of time and really cleaned it thoroughly. All the stains were gone, and quite honestly it looked like a new carpet. Did I mention the carpet is 10 years old?”


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